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What is an insurance broker?

A Broker works with multiple carriers and can advise you on the best fit to meet your insurance and employee benefits coverage and rates.

What is the advantage of using a broker?

The strength in using a broker is you have the advantage of utilizing an expert who has access to a variety of different insurance carriers and who can help you sort through the various options and medical insurance plans. Medical plans and offerings are constantly changing, and an experienced broker will know what your best options are based on your needs, current trends, recent legislation and new carrier choices.

Does our company have to wait until renewal time to move our group medical plan?

No—if you are fully-insured, you can move to another medical carrier at any time). 

Yes—if you are partially self-insured, it may be best to wait until your renewal period to move to another insurance carrier because of the liability involving your stop-loss and aggregate exposure.


How large does our company have to be to have group benefits?

In the state of Georgia an employer can offer a group health insurance program as long as that employer has a minimum of two full-time employees and both employees participate in the program.

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